I feel wild and free. There is an energy pulsing through my body like I have never known. It’s exhilarating.

There is excitement in the air. And, I can’t help but to smile and shine. Literally, I feel like there is an inner light surrounding my body.

I want to dance and sing.

My soul is on fire. It is shouting out “Thank you! Thank you for making space. Thank you for tapping in. Thank you for not rejecting me. Thank you for giving life to what we were called here to do. Thank you for listening. Thank you for being brave. Thank you for going deep.”

I have been unleashed!

You know that feeling when you step off a roller coaster? That’s what it feels like. You can’t stop talking about it. You’re energized. You’re alive.

Seriously, this shit is crazy.

And it all started with a journal and pen. A journal and pen are the cause for this beautiful ma-ham.

In the last few years, I have been on a silent quest to find myself. Secretly craving more. More what? I wasn’t sure. But, more.

This may sound crazy, but I was wondering is “this” all that there is? Is this what life is about? What is my purpose? My deep purpose? What was I put here to do? What have I been called to do?

There was this hole in my soul that was unfulfilled. But how do I fill it?

I began to write again.

My writing has been sporadic over the years. Generally, I would write when I got an inspiration. And, generally, inspiration would come to me when I was most deeply connected to God. But I never really made the connection that the more in line with God and spirituality I was, the more inspiration I would receive. Seriously?!

I started working with a coach a few weeks ago, and she asked me to start writing daily. Not because I am writer, but to do it as a daily practice of becoming aligned with my higher purpose. This is something she recommends to all of her clients.

And, so the writing has begun. Each and every day for 30 minutes to an hour, I journal. This is different from the writing I am sharing with you.

My journaling is free form writing about what I want, how I feel, and how I want to feel. There is so much magic in the pen.

I have filled notebooks in the last few weeks. Notebook upon notebooks of what is on my heart and in my soul.

Writing is a wild and wonderful magic carpet ride. It’s seriously like a digging for gold. It isn’t until we tap deep inside ourselves and make space for the truth to reveal itself, that we can truly discover our divine calling.

What is your calling? What sets your soul on fire? What fills you up?

Don’t know? Let’s write and discover together. Join me and share your discoveries. I am fascinated to know.