For Valentine’s Day, Prince Charming gave me a fancy set of medallions to put in a shadowbox.


Each one has the Roman numeral for the year of sobriety it signifies. I have the actual plastic poker chips, but he thought I would be proud to showcase the fancy ones since “I LOVE fancy”! Be still, Heart.

I have decided to embrace my story and share it with YOU. I hope that my battle might encourage you. It isn’t over and it never will be, but I am grateful for The Struggle. It helps me keep my eyes on Him.

I want to break the silence, because y’all matter. It’s difficult for me to share, but I know it’s the right thing.

I guess that means we’re smokin’ hot! Love y’all. I hope you will share this with anyone you think might benefit from our story. I promise to share more but it takes a lot out of me. Not as much as the four-part African Hair Oil story, but a lot.  😉

Submitted by Natalie Reddell
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