I spritzed myself with my favorite perfume on my way out the door this morning. I stopped in at the local surf shot to grab a cup of brew and listen to tales of surfing from the local guys.

I absolutely love that I get to stop in at a surf shop. It’s so different yet similar to Arizona where the hunters stop in at the gas station for coffee before heading out for a hunt. I love being a part of the local scene that is so nostalgically Huntington Beach. I savor this feeling that the beach is a part of me now, just like the mountains and pine trees will forever be a part of my heart.

I’m sporting a new outfit, and I am feeling good… confident.  There’s something about a new outfit that inspires me take a little more time in getting ready. You know, I want to rock it!

The young coffee gal at the surf shop commented, “Ooh, you smell good.”

And I responded joyfully, “I do. Don’t I?”

I said it with such confidence and joy that it took her and the barista aback. We all broke out in laughter.

I said, “Hey, you got to own it, right?!”

Intoxicated by my perfume, she rang up the wrong price, and I got the better end of the deal.

The girls were still laughing as I left telling each other they have to “own” their life.

Gratitude and serenity are seeping into my soul, creating this quiet (or not so quiet 😊) confidence and faith.

This little morning story just had me thinking, “Own it!” Do the stuff that lights your fire and own your happiness. Not sure what it is that lights your fire? Grab a pen and ask yourself. What fills me up? What fuels my soul?

Have a great day…no matter what!

P.S. If you’re interested. The perfume is B Balenciaga sold at Sephora.

This is the formal description of the perfume from the company website. It’s so perfect!

A portrait of a woman unveiling her most essential self. Even when revealed, she remains mysterious and feminine- a study in contrasts. Confident in her form and free to express emotion and sensuality. The more she reveals, the more intriguing she becomes. Her personality is enigmatic, waiting to be revealed.