What excites you?
I was starting to write this little piece, and I was thinking what are the things that really get me giddy with excitement. I think I already used the “excited as a kid at Christmas” analogy. So, I ponder, “What excites me?”
About four times per year, I go on a jewelry run for my business, Beach Beauty Bar. There is a gal named Lily who makes the most magnificent baubles you have ever draped around your dainty little neck.
Okay, so yes, Lily’s jewelry excites the shit out of me. Lily is like my drug dealer and I am a total junkie. I am jonesing for the goods. Seriously jonesing for the crack that Lily is peddling.
We never speak by phone. All communication is done via text message. And, she always tells me to bring my own baggies to transport my dope.
We meet in a park, about half way between her house in Topanga Canyon and mine in Huntington Beach. It takes me about 45 minutes to an hour to get there. And the entire drive there, I obsess about all of the goodies I am going to score.
Now leading up to the meet up day, I must make sure my finances are in order. Seriously, it’s just like going to see your drug dealer. You want to make sure you’ve got enough credit limit to cover your fix. And, I ALWAYS go over my self-suggested budget. ALWAYS.
I get to the park and see her sitting on an Indian blanket under a tree with her bags of loot surrounding her. She brings treats for the dogs in the park like a dealer brings candy for the kids. She’s got this dealing thing down!
And, so it begins. I watch carefully, my mouth salivating, as she pulls out the first wrap of jewelry from one of her bags. I’m seriously so excited, and she seems to be moving at a snail’s pace. I grow impatient as she slowly unfolds the wrap, carefully laying it out…and there it is…a bevy of baubles sparkling in the sun. Mandalas of orange, golds, purples and greens. Hand beaded and oh-so delicate, I am brimming with delight.
I begin pulling the sparklers trying to maintain my composure and adding up the cost in my head. Then I think, “Oh, what the hell. I can budget when I’m dead.”
I bring my own Ziplocs, as she requires, to transport my goods each individually wrapped to keep them from tangling.
With a swipe through her Square, I hope and I pray that there’s enough room on the card. She then whisks me away with a “thanks” and a hug, knowing damn well that she’s just a jewelry thug.
I get in my car and lay out all my baggies on the passenger seat, buckle up and skedaddle from the scene of the crime. I can’t help myself as I drive. I pull each baggie and admire what’s inside. Will I keep or sell this, is what I have to decide.
I don’t usually remember much about my meetings with Lily. I am pretty much in a blackout the entire time. I can’t handle it! It’s so fantastic and fun!
Do you know what else excites me as much, if not more, than scoring some jewelry from Lily the Thug?
Wait for it.
I know you can’t wait.
What excites me even more is when I receive a greeting card design back from one of my partner designers! I am not even kidding you!
We collaborate about the designs, but I am not a designer, so I wait anxiously to see the vision come to life. When I receive an email with an attachment from the artist, I am busting at the seams with excitement. It is truly one of my most favorite things.
And, I received a final production today of one of our new holiday cards. I really love it! I hope you do too.
P.S. I would love to hear from you what excites you more than great sex or opening Christmas presents. Please, share with me. I am so curious.