With Christmas around the corner, I’ve been thinking a lot about gift ideas. Gifting with intention keeps coming up for me. I want to give meaningful gifts to the people I love.

Honestly, I haven’t much been into the holidays for the past several years. It really feels like a lot of work and effort. And it still does to a degree. The bah humbugs have besieged me for a few years.

But my recent visit to New York City sparked a little holiday joy within me. There is something so magical about the big apple at Christmas time, and it really was just what I needed to reignite the spirit within me.

As I am writing this savoring a hot cup of coffee with extra cream and my dog snuggled up next to me, I realize that the holidays had become too harried and frantic for me. In fact, life had become that way.

I always had a list and was running to and fro to accomplish the list.

Decorations. Check.
Presents. Check. Well, sort of.
Cards. Forget it.

Ha ha ha! This cracks me up. I love writing and working with designers to create greeting cards, but I haven’t sent out holiday cards in years. It’s been too much trouble and people just throw them away anyway (these have been my thoughts).

I really lost site of the magic of Christmas. And I really lost site of the value of my time.

In the last six months, I have been slowing way down. I am a total hustler, but I have been diving deep into quiet time and reflection. I have been writing daily and connecting with my own voice. It has been life changing.

And this year, I am thinking about gifting once again. I was trying to think of the best gift I ever received.

It’s easy for me.

The best gift I ever received was from my mom. She instilled it in me from the time I was born, and it has served me so well throughout life.


When I was a child, she always told me I could do anything I want to do. Now, I know a lot of moms tell their children this, but my mom believed this with her whole heart and being. She had so much confidence in me, that failure wasn’t even a blip on my radar. Her belief in me allowed me to believe in me. What a gift!

When I started venturing out into the world selling Girl Scout cookies or running for class president, she was always right there saying “You can do it. You will do it. It’s yours!”

And so, I sold the most cookies. I became the class president (“Roll on with Rene” was my slogan, and I bribed the kids with Rollo candies!) I won the speech competition. I achieved the 4th grade steak dinner with Mr. Beam (and he about flipped his lid when I casually ordered the filet mignon at Granny’s Closet in Flagstaff.)
These things weren’t hard for me. They just were. And, they just were because of the innate confidence my mom instilled in me.

Confidence is hard to fake. It can be built over time and experience but what a gift to have it bestowed upon me from childhood.

And still to this day, when I have a new idea (which happens daily by the way), my mom is right there saying, “You can do it.”

I sent my mom a little note the other day thanking her for the most precious gift she could ever give me…besides life. 😊

I also am thinking about other friends and family and the gifts they have provided in my life. It’s a great time to make time.

Yes, make time to write out the note. A nod of thanks to those in your life who have contributed to your success, your happiness, your dreams, your joy, your serenity. Whatever it is.