It sounds so damn cliche.  Just follow your heart and watch what unfolds. Right?I have always been a risk taker. In fact, I pride myself on being able to take big effing risks. I have enjoyed telling people that I just quit my six-figure job to pursue the life I have been dreaming of.  I did that in my 30’s, and my mantra for the year was “I would rather be poor and happy than rich and miserable.”


Did I really tell myself that for a year?

Holy shit! I did.

And, guess what? I was broke. I earned $35,000 that year working part time for a law firm in a marketing role.

So, here’s the deal. When I was earning six figures, I was a sales person and a damn good one at that. I was a smart and efficient sales person.  I didn’t make too many calls, but the ones I made were on the biggest prospects with the most return on investment. My deals were big deals. (I am really quite lazy…so why have a boatload of small clients when you can focus on the big fish and work less hours.)

Why did I make so few calls and make such great money? I absolutely hated sales with every core of my being. And, I was selling a mediocre service at best. So, life in sales was a total downer. I could literally only muster up enough energy to make a few calls per week but I wasn’t scared to call the president of the company.

I stayed in that position for some eleven years, because I couldn’t fathom leaving the money and what would I do. I wanted to transition my career into marketing. I thought I would prefer developing marketing campaigns, branding, etc., over sales. And, I found a part-time marketing position with a law firm willing to hire me with no marketing experience.

So, I digress. The point is I quit my big wig sales job to go for my dreams.  Well, not really because I didn’t even know what my dreams were at the time. I knew that I wanted to be free from corporate America but I didn’t know how to cut the chains.

While I was working for the law firm, I went to beauty school at night. It sounded like fun and I loved receiving facials…so what the heck, right?!

I left the law firm and went to work for a day spa as an esthetician. At the same time, my neighbor hired me to work for her public relations agency on a part-time basis.  Wow! Now this is where I truly learned what marketing and PR were. I learned so much from my neighbor and am forever grateful for the experience she provided me.

Actually, I am forever grateful for all of the jobs and life experiences I have had. They have all molded me into the person I am today, and without them, the next big step would never take place.

During all of these positions, my drinking was continuing to spiral out of control. I was numbing out more and more, and by the time I worked for my neighbor, I would walk to my house for lunch and drink a glass of wine. That was the year that day drinking every day became a thing for me.

I eventually went back to work for that original law firm as a marketing consultant. I really enjoyed that gig–until I didn’t.

When I left the law firm, I had no idea what I was going to do. I could continue to consult with law firms or other professional organizations, but it really didn’t align with my soul. I was still in the corporate conundrum longing for freedom!

Getting sober and setting my soul free

I left the law firm, and I proceeded to get sober six months later.

January 14, 2014 is my sobriety date. I signed a commercial lease for a small office space near my home where I opened a little day spa (really just me giving facial treatments and waxing).  I set about to become the worlds best Brazilian waxer and took out a few friends in the process! Yikes!

In June 2015, my heart was calling for me to continue seeking my truest desires. I took a class, and I opened an online business selling beautiful gifts for people in recovery…and so this is where Love & Recovery began.

I purchased lots of gift items to sell, and I slowly started receiving orders.

One day, I was driving to San Diego for a conference, and some words popped into my head for a greeting card. I dictated the words into my phone, and guess what? I created my best selling gift item in my store.


I can’t even tell you the joy I experience every time someone orders that card. It is my heart’s truest desire to write, inspire and create. I believe it is what I have always been searching for. A life free from corporate America and free from a geographic destination. A life where I could simply write what is on my heart and live fabulously.

It’s been a journey to get here.  All along the way, I have truly trusted my gut, my intuition, my higher power if you will. And, it has never led me astray.

I have big plans for Love & Recovery. I now know that I can be rich and happy at the same time. I don’t have to choose one over the other.

And, it’s all due to my sobriety and faith. With sobriety and faith, I know that everything is possible.  Everything.

What lights your fire?

I would love to hear from you. What are you dreaming about? What is your ultimate life’s dream? What is stopping you from going for it?

You can have it all. We can have it all. Go for it! Light up your life!