Get ready for it.

Here it comes.

Hold your seats!

The “F” bomb

You know the word. You know what word I’m talking about. The sneaky little bastard that creeps into our mind at all hours of the day only to disrupt and cause anxiety.


If you want to know the truth, I believe fear may be worse than f*ck. I mean seriously, fear is some effed up stuff.

Fear can paralyze people. Fear stops us dead in our tracks from following our hearts desire.

Fear traps us in darkness.
Fear accelerates like wildfire if we give it an ounce of oxygen.

Fear debilitates.
Fear isolates.
Fear suffocates.

Even though fear is completely senseless, it lives in the mind.

It protects the ego. The ego that tells us to worry about what others think.

Fear is resistance to being the best and most beautiful being we can be.

And there is another “F” word. This word is powerful and strong. It’s a mighty warrior ready to battle the bastard fear at any moment.

But this word doesn’t pop into our brain at all hours of the day. It isn’t typically our go-to thought. It’s more subtle and humble than fear.


Faith lives in the heart. It’s soul centered. It’s divinely inspired.

Faith…ah! Just writing this word makes my body soften.

Faith is for the courageous. Faith is for the dream seekers and the naysayers. Faith is available to everyone.

Faith provides freedom. Freedom to be whatever you want. Freedom to make bold choices. Freedom to shine bright.

Faith feels good. Faith conquers fear over and over again.

Faith allows us to be vulnerable.
Faith connects us to others.
Faith is trust and belief.

Faith isn’t dictated. It can be faith in whatever you want to believe.

Faith takes practice.
Faith is a choice.
Faith is a way of life.

Tap in. Tune in. Walk in faith.