Asking for Forgiveness

November 1st, 2017|Early Sobriety, Forgiveness|0 Comments

    She was my mentor. She trained me in my first job out of college (sales) and she was the best. And much later in life, she taught me one of the greatest lessons of my life. A lesson that still seems a bit unbelievable to me. A lesson in forgiveness. Now this may sound feminist but after a long career in sales, I believe that women make some of the best sales people. Some of us listen very well. We also tend to be caretakers. So, when our clients mention that they are interested in skeet shooting, and we run across a cool skeet shooting article, we send it to them. It's the little things that make a great sales person. The listening. The follow up. The attention to details. She did all of that. And she taught me how to do all of that by being an [...]