Families, Forgiveness and Recovery

November 10th, 2017|Families Recover, Recovery Stories|0 Comments

  It was June 8, 1963. He rolled into town without a dime to his name. Stranded in a small Arizona town, yet he didn't feel stranded. I don't think stranded is a feeling he has ever felt. He was determined. He was resourceful. He acted on instinct. He was young and on fire. He was made of the streets. He couldn't be taken down by the small fact that he was flat broke in a western town on his way to the great state of California. He made his way into the local bar. The Canyon Club. The neon lights lit up the night with promises of¬†comrade-re and hope. He shook hands and made friends quickly. People liked him, and they wanted to help. There were a few men who saw promise in this whipper snapper from Ohio. He was confident and cocky. Haley Gonzales bought him a few [...]