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If you’re in recovery, you know how frustrating it is to look for a stylish, beautiful gift for yourself or a friend. While we love the traditions of recovery programs, we have been searching for a modern take on recovery gift-giving.

That’s why I founded Love & Recovery…a curated collection of beautiful recovery gifts, plus community and support with a modern attitude. So you can celebrate sobriety with style.

Because here’s what I believe:

  • Sobriety doesn’t just call for celebration. It demands it. That’s what keeps it alive.
  • Just because you gave up substances doesn’t mean you gave up taste.
  • Connecting through community and spirit is key.

And, most of all, Sobriety is beautiful. We should have nice things to match.


I’m grateful to have been given a second chance at life and am honored to give back.

A percentage of each purchase made will be donated to the Lynn House, a non-profit that is making recovery available to impoverished women in Orange County, CA.

Women may stay at The Lynn House for FREE for the first thirty days and reside up to an additional  six months for a nominal fee.

Thank you for shopping with us and for helping us help others in need.


I’m just like you. Our geography doesn’t matter. Our gender doesn’t matter, nor does our age or background. Trailer park? Boarding school? Doesn’t matter. We’re kindred spirits. We each suffer from an addiction…an insidious obsession of the mind. We’ve known darkness, loneliness and despair. I know you, and you know me. And, I know there is light.

I love my life in recovery!

I’m often overcome with waves of tearful gratitude. It happens pretty much on a daily basis: a moment in the park with my French Bulldog, Stitch, at the beach near my home in beautiful Huntington Beach, CA frolicking in the waves…knowing that in my past life, I would not be doing either.

But just because I’m into my sobriety and like to twirl and spin in the surf doesn’t mean I’ve lost my style and personality. Are you with me? Recovery doesn’t mean boring or swank-less (is swank-less a word?).

We can still be potty mouths from time to time and make the occasional evil joke. We can still have fabulous taste and want freaking beautiful things. Life doesn’t have to be bland or boring.

I created Love & Recovery as a way to continue the celebration of a life in recovery. And, for the love of all things holy, to do it with a modicum of style!

So glad you’re here to join me. Grab and share some inspiration. Share your story here.

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